Tips for Lowering Your Florida Insurance Cost

Shop and compare rates.

Use to check multiple home insurance and auto quotes.  We don’t write with just 1 carrier like captive agents. We can obtain pricing from many different carriers who specialize in just what you need.

Check your personal credit report.

Many Florida homeowners’ insurance companies check credit histories as part of their evaluation and rating process. If you find some problems, try to address the issues before you apply for new coverage.

Select the highest deductible you can reasonably afford.

A higher deductible can significantly reduce your homeowners insurance premium.

Know your current home insurance policy.

Take the time to study your Florida home insurance policy and determine what is covered. You may not need all the coverage based on your current situation.

Save with discounts.

Ask your agent regarding any discounts for which you may qualify. You may get a discount if you are a senior citizen or can consolidate other coverages.

Protect your home.

A burglar alarm, that is monitored by the security company, or tied directly to the local police station, can not only protect your home and belongings – it can save you money. A monitored security system will lower your home insurance premium, typically by 5% or more.

Review your policy regularly.

Insurance companies change their rates often, so you should compare the cost of other home insurance policies to your own at least once a year. Shopping around could save you money. In addition, you should review your policy for any changes that may have occurred that could affect your premiums. For example, a recently installed security system could save you 5% or more. Also, ensure you have adequate coverage for any major purchases or additions to your home.